"....sincere, genuine, riveting, yet also informative....
everyone should read this book."

Peter Roper, Best-selling Author, Award winning speaker and Past President of the Professional Speaking Association

Buddha Late Than Never

Transforming Adversity (with Wisdom)


"This compelling true life story will stay with you and inspire you. It is a life-affirming book. .... a self-reflecting journey into how to be happy."

"Your book certainly helped me have a different outlook on my way of thinking. No negative thoughts bringing me down, happy and contented with just being myself. Read it again last week just love it."

"Compelling, gripping and riveting ... Thoroughly recommended."

"A great read and real page turner. Full of good information about peace and happiness. Has inspired me to start meditating again."

.... your wonderful compelling book. I have enjoyed it, and been moved immensely by your story. It has really connected with something deep inside me. Terrific!!!

"This book is just one great read from start to finish. Although it's Paul's autobiography, I actually felt that he was writing about my life too. It connected with me in a way that very few books have done in the past, and is refreshingly honest, courageous and uplifting. It confirmed to me that essentially our lives are defined by the quality of relationships that we have, and our first relationship has to be with ourselves. Get that right and everything else falls into place. Buy it, read it, and then read it again – you won't regret it."

– Mike Shinton, Time to Grow

Makes for a good read ... Honestly..... I was hooked.

Loved the battle between knowledge and application of your learning over time in your life. A lesson to us all.

"This book, and its content reflects the author well. BALLS OF STEEL. Thought provoking story that compels you to reflect on your own life and relationships in a way that resembles being hit in the face with a velvet boxing glove ...... A great read"

– David Hyner fpsa,
Stretch Development Ltd

"Buddha Late Than Never is a beautiful book. For the most part it is beautiful in its simplicity and ordinariness. It is a straight forward account of one man’s journey through the joys and heartbreaks of life. Profound Buddhist wisdom applied to many of Paul’s adventures adds depth and insight for those who know that we do not see the world as it is but rather we see the world as we are."

Miguel Dean
Author of Stepping Stones in the Mist

I've finished the book and enjoyed it immensely:

"Every so often you read a book that hits you immediately as sincere, genuine, riveting yet also informative. Paul's book does all these things in equal measure . Not only is it a fascinating read of someone’s life, their trials and tribulations, it sets out to share Paul’s learning from situations both good and not so good. I really believe everyone should read this book and help us all to recognise that sometimes we just have to talk about things and not hold back for fear – facing a fear sets you free."

– Peter Roper,
Best-selling Author, Award winning speaker and Past President of the Professional Speaking Association

Paul Webb has written an ordinary story in an extraordinary way. Telling a familiar tale of misunderstanding and lost love he has created a sparkling diamond from the rough stone of his own life. This wonderful story is his journey from confusion and fear to wisdom and peace of mind.

Along the way he finds the courage to be vulnerable and to accept what life offers him, knowing that in the final analysis what matters is how he views the world. He learns the greatest lesson of all: that we cannot control the world, but we can control our own minds. As Shakespeare writes:

"Though fortune's malice overthrow my state
My mind exceeds the compass of her wheel." *

Paul makes these words come to life in the drama of his own life as he shares his journey with us. Read this book, it's a diamond.

* (King Henry VI Part Three, Act 4, Scene 3, lines 47 and 48. Spoken by Edward IV)

– Nicholas Lee BA (Hons), Financial Planner