"....sincere, genuine, riveting, yet also informative....
everyone should read this book."

Peter Roper, Best-selling Author, Award winning speaker and Past President of the Professional Speaking Association

Buddha Late Than Never

Transforming Adversity (with Wisdom)

About the Author

Paul Webb

Paul Webb was born in 1954 in Birmingham, England. Apart from a couple of years in Toronto and Huddersfield, he has spent all his life living in the West Midlands.

Paul qualified as an accountant in 1982 and also has a marketing diploma. He now works as a part time finance director and freelance financial controller. He has extensive experience in business and has been self employed since 1998.

In his twenties Paul encountered tragedy. It was this suffering that inspired and motivated him to question all conventional lifestyle choices and beliefs in the causes of happiness. By experience and a process of elimination he has reviewed all traditional Western beliefs in life's priorities. Since 1995 Paul has undertaken serious study and practise in Eastern faiths, philosophies, meditation and in particular Buddhism.

It is through meditation, the above mentioned study and Buddhism that Paul has found the answers to his philosophical search.